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Emerging cloud technologies and changing models of business are creating a shift in the importance of IT – from leveraging technology in support of the business, to the higher, more strategic goal of preserving and enhancing business value. More than ever, it is vital that you have robust IT processes and practices to ensure the close alignment of IT and the business and to drive excellence through the IT infrastructure and the operations it supports.

Investing in great IT consulting helps ensure that you are able to meet these challenges head on. IT needs may change as technology improves but the goal is the same: forming IT policy to meet business objectives.

We help you not just with the technology — but also with integrating your business processes with new technology, user adoption, and training.

Our Services

C#, ASP.NET,  JavaScript, SQL, Windows application and Web application development technologies

Services offered include:

  • Office 365 consulting. As you move to the cloud, we can help you on that journey. We will help make your cloud solution an integrated part of your business and a valuable tool for all employees. We can help with advisory and technical assistance based on your needs.
  • Office 365 implementation.  Implementing Office 365 can be confusing.  We will help you select the right subscription plans for your organization that aligns to your budget, IT needs and strategy.  We can plan out a detailed road map/strategy along with timelines and costs.  By using an experienced consultant, you gain our knowledge from many previous implementations and will save time, money and frustration.
  • Office 365 customization. We can customize Office 365 solutions to work for your specific corporate environment, industry requirements and employee needs. We handle complete customization and development of  unique custom features, including complex workflows, branded site templates, interactive chatbots, ready-to-use custom add-ins, integrations with other applications, and more.
  • Office 365 migration. We have moved many companies of different sizes from on-premise or other cloud-based tools to Office 365.  A successful migration requires careful planning, detailed knowledge of all the systems, and most importantly — experience.  We can help make your migration a success — both technically, as well as with training and user adoption.
  • Office 365 integration. We can integrate Office 365 tools with your enterprise software and systems to create a seamless experience for users. Integrations can include synchronization with on-premise directory services, databases, as well as with cloud-based systems already in use. In addition, single-sign on can be achieved with many applications.
  • Office 365 support.  Let our team provide you with outstanding support for all your needs and issues!  Flexible support options are available — along with support level agreements (SLAs) to fix your needs and ensure users are happy and successful with all Office 365 tools.
  • Office 365 training. We have written numerous training guides, books, and guides for Office 365.  Used by companies like Global Knowledge, ASPE, and other large training providers, we are the leader in Office 365 training materials.  We can deliver online training as well as classroom training as your facility or ours.  The best Office 365 training available!

Building innovative BI solutions using SQL, Power BI, and numerous data transformation tools and accessing data from hundreds of sources all into a comprehensive data management and presentation system.

PMP certified consultants.  Managing small and large scale projects.   Onshore and offshore teams.

Managing, creating, and customizing, and migrations for project management and portfolio management systems like Microsoft Project Online and Microsoft Project Server

We believe the most important objectives in business are to grow profitability and grow your people. Experience shows that working alongside coaches and consultants help you avoid common problems and to achieve your goals much faster. Often, the best guidance and expertise comes from outside the corporate environment. A coach or consultant can take a deep and unbiased look at your business and use their industry knowledge and expertise to guide you in the best design, planning, and execution of your ideas and strategy.

As a consultant, we help you better define your business by documenting a winning business strategy, defined policies, dynamic actions plans, and enterprise projects that move your company towards your clearly defined goals and objectives.

As a coach, we work with you and your employees, individually and as a team, to inspire performance and accountability. We will help you improve your results through a step-by-step business coaching process with the outcome of personalized actionable plans that are geared towards helping you identify and seize new opportunities.

Many of our clients became entrepreneurs in order to achieve more lifestyle freedom.  Whether it is building an online business so you can work from the beach, or spend more time with your family, we have built several successful companies and can help you turn your goals into reality.  Working with us, you will be able to compress years of learning and avoid many mistakes — all in a matter of months (or even weeks). We will help you create a strategic, step-by-step plan based on your goals and turn your ideas into reality.

Isn’t it time to stop dreaming?  Start creating the life you have always envisioned for yourself and your family.  We offer 30-Day, and 90-Day fast-start programs to help you achieve business success, and achieve more business growth.

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I have always been satisfied with Project Consult’s work and timeliness of his delivery.

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