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Using Microsoft Project (2013 and 2016)

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Topics include navigating Project, starting a new project plan and building task schedules, setting resources and assignments, formatting and sharing your plan, and tracking process.  We’ll also dedicate time to advanced topics like the scheduling engine, manual and automatic scheduled tasks, fixed duration versus fixed units, advanced resource management, and more.  Students will spend time understanding earned value analysis and how to track within MS Project.

You’ve always wanted to understand the intricacies of MS Project – and now you can!

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Class Description

Successfully managing time, tasks, people, and resources can be a challenge!  Microsoft Project can help you design a successful project plan and track details across complex projects.  In this class, we will demystify all the features and scheduling engine of Microsoft Project.  Students will fully understand how to build detailed project schedules, track and update actuals, build great reports, and track all the details of your project in Microsoft Project.

Topics include navigating Project, starting a new project plan and building task schedules, setting resources and assignments, formatting and sharing your plan, and tracking process.  We’ll also dedicate time to advanced topics like the scheduling engine, manual and automatic scheduled tasks, fixed duration versus fixed units, advanced resource management, and more.  Students will spend time understanding earned value analysis and how to track within MS Project.

You’ve always wanted to understand the intricacies of MS Project – and now you can!

In this Course, You will Learn How to:

  • Navigate and customize the MS Project Interface
  • Start new Project Plans and build out Task Scheduled – the RIGHT way
  • Set up Resources and Assignment
  • Format and Share your Report in beautiful compelling ways
  • Track Progress on your Plans
  • Learn Advanced Task Scheduling Techniques
  • FINALLY understand the Project Scheduling Engine!
  • Utilize Advanced Resource management functions
  • See Resource Capability and Availability
  • Use Earned Value Analysis
  • Consolidate project and resources

Immediate Benefits of attending this course:

  • Obtain a deep understanding of MS Project
  • Build detailed project schedules that make sense
  • Use the scheduling engine and the “magic formula” to build efficient plans
  • Learn how to share your plans with others in great looking formats
  • Learn quick ways to progress your plans and track actuals the easy way
  • Generate earned value analysis reports for your executives
  • Consolidate plans and build master project plans of your entire portfolio!

Course Outline:

1) Introduction

2) Project Management 101
a. Benefits of Sound Project Management
b. What is Project Management
c. Rules of Order in Project Management
d. Elements of Developing a Project Plan
e. Project Management Philosophy
f. The Four Cornerstones of Project Management
g. Good WBS Design Principles

3) Navigating MS Project 2013
a. Project Interface
b. Screen Layouts
c. Backstage View
d. Reporting

4) Starting a Plan and Creating Tasks
a. Creating Project Plans
b. Setup Calendars
c. Building Task Plans
d. Durations
e. Milestones and Summary Tasks
f. Task Dependences
g. Manual and Automatic Scheduling

5) Setting up Resources and Assignments
a. Resource Types
b. Pay Rates and Capacity
c. The Scheduling Formula
d. Controlling Work

6) Formatting and Sharing a Plan
a. Gantt Chart Views
b. Timeline View
c. Customizing Reports
d. Printing, Copying Views

7) Tracking Progress
a. Baselines
b. Tracking Actuals

8) Advanced Task Scheduling
a. Task Relationships with Task Paths
b. Lead and Lag Times
c. Task Constraints
d. Task Calendars
e. Task Types
f. Critical Paths

9) Advanced Resource Management
a. Resource Availability
b. Multiple Pay Rates
c. Resource Capacity
d. Team Planner View
e. Resource Over Allocations
f. Resource Leveling

10) Tracking Progress on Tasks
a. Updating Baselines
b. Time-phased Work
c. Incomplete Work

11) Earned Value Analysis
a. Earned Value Definitions
b. Derived Metrics

12) Viewing and Reporting Project Status
a. Examining Task Costs
b. Examining Resource Costs

13) Consolidating Project and Resources
a. Consolidating Plans
b. Creating dependencies across plans

In-Class Exercises:
• Lab 1 – Navigating Project 2013
• Lab 2 – Creating a new Project Template
• Lab 3 – Navigating using ribbons and menus
• Lab 4 – Project Views
• Lab 5 – Reports Introduction
• Lab 6 – Creating a new Plan
• Lab 7 – Nonworking days and the project calendar
• Lab 8 – Entering Plan Title and Properties
• Lab 9 – Entering Tasks
• Lab 10 – Task Durations
• Lab 11 – Milestones and Summary Tasks
• Lab 12 – Task Dependencies
• Lab 13 – Manual and Automatic Scheduling
• Lab 14 – Task Notes and Hyperlinks
• Lab 15 – Setting up Resources
• Lab 16 – Adjusting Resource Calendars
• Lab 17 – Setting up Cost Resources
• Lab 18 – Assigning Resources to Tasks
• Lab 19 – Controlling work when adding/removing resources
• Lab 20 – Assigning Cost Resources to Tasks
• Lab 21 – Customizing a Gantt Chart View
• Lab 22 – Customizing a Timeline View
• Lab 23 – Customizing Reports
• Lab 24 – Copying views and reports
• Lab 25 – Printing Views and Reports
• Lab 26 – Baselines
• Lab 27 – Tracking a Plan through Specific Date
• Lab 28 – Entering Task Completion Percentage
• Lab 29 – Enter actual values for tasks
• Lab 30 – Task Path Highlighting
• Lab 31 – Adjusting task link relationships
• Lab 32 – Setting task constraints
• Lab 33 – Adjusting working time for individual tasks
• Lab 34 – Control task scheduling with task types
• Lab 35 – Entering deadline dates
• Lab 36 – Entering fixed costs
• Lab 37 – Viewing Critical Path
• Lab 38 – Resource Availability at Different Times
• Lab 39 – Multiple pay rates for a resource
• Lab 40 – Resource pay rates to apply at different times
• Lab 41 – Setting up material resources
• Lab 42 – Applying different pay rates to assignments
• Lab 43 – Assigning material resources to tasks
• Lab 44 – Viewing resource capacity
• Lab 45 – Adjusting assignments in the Team Planner view
• Lab 46 – Resolving resource overallocations manually
• Lab 47 – Leveling overallocated resources
• Lab 48 – Updating a baseline
• Lab 49 – Tracking actual and remaining values for tasks and assignments
• Lab 50 – Tracking timephased actual work for tasks and assignments
• Lab 51 – Rescheduling incomplete work
• Lab 52 – Earned Value numbers
• Lab 53 – Examining task costs
• Lab 54 – Examining resource costs
• Lab 55 – Reporting project cost variance with a stoplight view
• Lab 56 – Consolidating Plans
• Lab 57 – Creating dependencies between plans

Who should attend this course:
• Project Managers
• Program Managers
• Project Leads
• Product Managers
• Resource Managers
• PMO Leaders
• Other roles involved in planning and preparing project schedules

Additional Info

Class Locations

Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX

Class Dates

April 21, 2016 thru April 22, 2016

Class Length

2 days

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