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Data Analysis Boot Camp


Today’s organizations face both a promise and a dilemma. The growth in availability and quantity of data, as well as the tools to leverage it, is well understood. Every day buzzwords like “big data,” “insights” and “analytics” permeate the pages of our business journals. However, much less available are the actual skills to truly understand and realize the benefits of this explosive growth. The potential is very real, but comprehensive skills can be scarce, and outside consultants are expensive.


Fortunately, you don’t need a PhD in data science to achieve the rewards of good data analysis and management. If you have basic familiarity with a tool like Excel, this three-day course can teach you the comprehensive skills and tools to maximize and leverage your data assets.


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Class Description

Learn practical, hands-on data analysis skills – Three days of fast-paced, comprehensive training for analysts, subject matter experts, managers and senior staff who need versatile, real-world data capability.

Develop Critical Data Analysis Skills

Today’s organizations face both a promise and a dilemma. The growth in availability and quantity of data, as well as the tools to leverage it, is well understood. Every day buzzwords like “big data,” “insights” and “analytics” permeate the pages of our business journals. However, much less available are the actual skills to truly understand and realize the benefits of this explosive growth. The potential is very real, but comprehensive skills can be scarce, and outside consultants are expensive.

Fortunately, you don’t need a PhD in data science to achieve the rewards of good data analysis and management. If you have basic familiarity with a tool like Excel, this three-day course can teach you the comprehensive skills and tools to maximize and leverage your data assets.
Enhance the Analysis of Business Problems and Root Causes

In today’s environment, your organization must make informed, intelligent decisions with speed and accuracy. The only way to consistently achieve this type of insight and agility is to leverage your data, understanding both the technology available to work with it and the tools and processes needed to actually use it. By adopting a comprehensive, real-world skill set for analyzing data, you can unlock competitive advantage and powerful organizational visibility – replacing undue reliance on instinct, gut responses, and emotionally skewed actions with empirical, real-world information that yields actionable decisions.

You will leave this class with a far better understanding of the principles of data analysis, when to utilize them, and focused business examples of the principles in professional environments.

We simplify complex concepts, break down math jargon and help you navigate complex symbols and equations to concentrate on what is actually useful when working with your data in the real world. We also provide practical techniques for presenting findings to executives, managers, and subject matter experts who need to quickly make decisions that drive your organization forward. These tools include graphic presentation techniques and simplified models which allow you to transform the results of your analysis into approachable, easy-to-understand insights and findings.
Practice Real-World Tools and Techniques for Immediate Application

Data Analysis Boot Camp is a fast-paced, three-day classroom experience that builds on basic data and statistics fundamentals for a deep dive into the principles of real-world application. We teach you to use your data to deal with critical factors: risk, performance, quality, forecasting, estimating, simulation, business process improvement, and much more.

Data Analysis Boot Camp is organized into five key topic areas:

  1. Understanding Data
  2. Looking at Data
  3. Modeling Data
  4. Mining Data
  5. Using Data

At the end of the class, we provide an overview of the Certified Analytics Professional certification. We discuss business applications for professionals with the certification, the main focus areas behind the certification, test-preparation and test-taking anecdotes.
In–Class Exercises, Demos, and Real-World Case Studies

This class is a lively blend of expert instruction combined with hands-on practice so you can cement your new skills. Leave prepared to start performing practical analytics, modeling and interpretation the moment you return to work. Every Data Analysis Boot Camp instructor is a veteran consultant and data guru who will guide you through incredibly effective best practices and cutting-edge technologies for working with your data. Through a combination of demonstrations and hands-on exercises, you will get practice with the sort of skills and techniques which are typically the domain of expensive consultants.

You will quickly master powerful skills and the technologies to deploy them, without reliance on proprietary technology. (We teach data skills you can deploy using Excel, R or Python). Working through these scenarios, you will learn the value of analytics in supporting decision-making processes and the management and controls of business processes. In addition to providing real-world data analysis skills and concepts, you will apply the knowledge you acquire in a number of real business scenarios to learn practical applications.
20 Benefits of Attending This Training Course

  1. Get beyond basics to identify opportunities, manage change and develop deep visibility into your organization
  2. Leave class understanding the terminology and jargon of analytics, business intelligence and statistics
  3. Learn a wealth of practical applications for applying data analysis capability
  4. Visualize both data and the results of your analysis for straightforward graphical presentation to stakeholders
  5. Learn to estimate more accurately than ever, while accounting for variance, error, and Confidence Intervals
  6. Practice creating a valuable array of plots and charts to reveal hidden trends and patterns in your data
  7. Differentiate between “signal” and “noise” in your data – smooth what’s extraneous and reveal what’s important
  8. Understand and leverage different distribution models, and how each applies in the real world
  9. Get in-depth with practical statistics, and how they relate to risk, probability, results and action
  10. Develop a robust, practical understanding of probability theory – and how to leverage it
  11. Form and test hypotheses – use multiple methods to define and interpret useful predictions
  12. Learn about statistical inference and drawing conclusions about the population
  13. Leave class with a substantial yet practical toolbox of modeling skills
  14. Use computation to mine data, run simulations, find clusters and discover important attributes
  15. Apply your data to practical uses: Reporting, Dashboards, Metrics, Quality, Financial Modeling and more
  16. Get hands-on with predictive analytics – leave class with the vocabulary and algorithms you need
  17. Forecast future results, find opportunities for process improvement, and analyze past performance
  18. Get a comprehensive introduction to the INFORMS CAP (Certified Analytics Professional) certification
  19. Investigate a number of real-world examples that bring to life the new tools you’ve learned
  20. Over three days, get access to a real-world data expert who relates skills and methods to your own scenario

Course outline

Section 1: Data Fundamentals
•Course Overview and Level Set
•Objectives of the class
•Expectations for the class
•Understanding “real-world” data
•Unstructured vs. structured
•Data growth
•Types of Data
•Flavors of data
•Sources of data
•Internal vs. external data
•Time scope of data (lagging, current, leading)

LAB: Hands-on – Profiling Data
•Data-related Risk
•Common identified risks
•Effect of process on results
•Effect of usage on results
•Opportunity costs, Tool investment
•Mitigators of risks
•Data Quality
•Field standardization
•Identifying sparsely populated fields
•How to fix common issues

LAB: Hands-on – Dealing with Duplicates
•Finding common attributes
•1:N, N:N, 1:1

LAB: Hands-On – Data Relationships using PowerPivot

Section 2: Analysis Foundations
•Statistical Practices: Overview
•Comparing programs and tools
•Words in English vs. data
•Concepts specific to data analysis
•Domains of data analysis
•Descriptive statistics
•Inferential statistics
•Analytical mindset
•Describing and solving problems

Section 3: Analyzing Data
•Statistical Practices: Overview
•Averages in data
•Central Tendency
•Standard deviation
•Sigma values
•Using these concepts to estimate things

LAB: Hands-On – Central Tendency

LAB: Hands-On – Linear Regression
•Probability distribution
•Cumulative distribution
•Bimodal distributions
•Skewness of data
•Pareto distribution

LAB: Hands-On – Distributions in Consumer Finance Data
•Analytical Graphics for Data
•Categorical – bar charts
•Continuous – histograms
•Time series – line charts
•Bivariate data – scatter plots
•Distribution – box plot

Section 4: Analytics & Modeling
•ROI & Financial Decisions

LAB: Hands-On – Helpful financial metrics in Excel
•Using Financial Data
•Earned Value
•Actual Cost, BAC and EAC
•Expected Monetary Value
•Cost Performance Index
•Schedule Performance Index
•Random Numbers
•Monte Carlo analysis
•Pseudo-random sequences

Demo / Lab – Monte Carlo Analysis in Excel
•Predictive Analytics
•Regression and time series models
•Machine learning
•Tools for predictive analytics

Demo / Lab – Using R for powerful analysis
•Common algorithms
•Data Modeling
•Architecture and analysis
•Stages of a data model
•Data warehousing
•Top-down vs. Bottom-up
•Data Warehousing
•Context tables
•Star Schema
•Snowflake Schema

Section 5: Visualizing & Presenting Data
•Goals of Visualization
•Communication and Narrative
•Decision enablement
•Critical characteristics
•Visualization Essentials
•Users and stakeholders
•Stakeholder cheat cheet
•Common missteps

Demo / Lab – Improving a Difficult Report
•Communicating Data-Driven Knowledge
•Alerting and trending
•To self-serve or not
•Formats & presentation tools
•Design considerations

Who Should Attend?

Anyone involved in operations, project management, business analysis, or management would benefit from this class. This training course is invaluable data analysis training for:

•Business Analyst, Business Systems Analyst, CBAP, CCBA
•Systems, Operations Research, Marketing, and other Analysts
•Project Manager, Program Manager, Team Leader, PMP, CAPM
•Data Modelers and Administrators, DBAs
•IT Manager, Director, VP
•Finance Manager, Director, VP
•Operations Supervisor, Manager, Director, VP
•Risk Managers, Operations Risk Professionals
•Process Improvement, Audit, Internal Consultants and Staff
•Executives exploring cost reduction and process improvement options
•Job seekers and those who want to show dedication to process improvement
•Senior staff who make or recommend decisions to executives

Additional Info

Class Length

4 days

Class Locations

Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos, TX, Indianapolis-Anderson-Columbus, IN, Kansas City-Overland Park-Kansas City, MO-KS, Live Virtual Class-Attend from Anywhere, Washington-Baltimore-Northern Virginia, DC-MD-VA-WV

Class Dates

Dec 08, 2015 thru Dec 11, 2015, Feb 02, 2016 thru Feb 04, 2016, Feb 09, 2016 thru Feb 12, 2016, Feb 16, 2016 thru Feb 18, 2016, Feb 29, 2016 thru Mar 03, 2016, Jan 12, 2016 thru Jan 14, 2016, Jan 19, 2016 thru Jan 21, 2016, Jan 26, 2016 thru Jan 28, 2016

Guarantee & Policies

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and general terms and conditions


Course registration information:

All courses carry Project Consult’s Guarantee of 100% Satisfaction: 
Project Consults provides an unsurpassed training experience. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the program, simply notify the instructor or registrar of your intent to withdraw from the program prior to the first morning break, turn in your course materials and receive a 100% refund. If at the end of the program day, you are unsatisfied with the program, we will credit your tuition towards a future program of your choice.

Payment Policy:
Payment is required at time of registration. Approved forms of payment include a company purchase order, PayPal, or credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Courses are available as onsite training: 
All courses are available as onsite training at your location. On-site options can be very cost effective.

Course Hours:
This course begins promptly at 8:30 AM and ends at 4:30 PM, unless otherwise noted on the course page or in email notifications. Please arrive at 8:00 AM on the first morning of class to sign-in and meet your fellow attendees.

Shipping of Course Materials:
In an effort to reduce paper waste, course materials for live-online sessions will be digital. You will recieve information on how to obtain your course materials in your confirmation email.

Substitution & Cancellation Policy: 
If a change needs to be made to your public course registration (cancel, transfer, or substitution) Project Consults must receive written notice via email at If a cancel or transfer request is made less than 15 business days prior to the class start date, payment will still be due, no refunds will be issued and you will be charged a $200 change fee. Your paid tuition will be available for one year to be used as a credit towards another course of equal value; only one reenrollment opportunity is allowed. Failure to attend the course without written notification will result in forfeiture of the full course price. Student substitutions may be made at any time prior to the start of class free of charge. If a student substitution is made for a live, online session and any hard-copy materials have been provided to the initial student, it is the responsibility of the client to pass along those materials to the new attendee. If Project Consults is forced to cancel a course for any reason, liability is limited to the registration fee only. If you have questions or concerns, please contact or call 469-424-1084.

In certain situations, Project Consults may not have the required enrollment to hold a course as scheduled. We do our best to confirm every class, but our main mission is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to have a positive impact on their work performance. Based on this, should there be a cancellation for a class you are enrolled in, Project Consults will proactively automatically enroll you into the next available live, online session of the same course to provide you with the knowledge you originally needed. You will be notified during this process and have the ability to work with an Project Consults representative regarding alternate options if you are unable to attend the new session.

Substitution & Cancellation Policy (PMP Boot Camp): 
If you are unable to attend your scheduled training class, please contact us directly at 469-424-1084. We require a 16 calendar day notice to reschedule or to cancel any registration (and receive refund for payment). Failure to provide the required notification will result in a 100% charge of the course fee. If a student does not attend a scheduled course without prior notification, or contacts us to cancel within the notification window, the student will have the option to pay a $200 reschedule fee to attend one of the live, online sessions of the PMP Boot Camp. Within the notification period, only student substitutions will be permitted.

Hotel Reservations:
Project Consults does not set aside a block of rooms for class participants. If you wish to book a sleeping room please contact Project Consults for the best hotel options or recommendations. For directions to the course location please call Project Consults or you may also contact the training center or hotel directly.


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