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Project Online – Quick Start Program

Get Control of Your Project Portfolio!

Our Quick Starts are designed to get you up & running quickly!  We bundle everything you need at a discounted price and provide a team of experts to ensure your success. Leverage our experience delivering quick start programs to clients nationwide to help you  achieve your goals quickly.


    1. Kick-off and Design Workshop During the workshop, we will work with your staff to understand current requirements and goals. We will discuss the Office 365 architecture for SharePoint and Project Online and determine the best design strategy and configuration. We will also review SharePoint, capabilities, and design for the project sites. Finally, the Project Online capabilities will be reviewed and requirements and processes for the project management group will be discussed and documented. A requirements document will generated based on decisions made during the workshop.
    2.  Office 365 Configuration
      1. Configuration domains and account options
      2. Configure licenses and security
    3. SharePoint Office 365 Configuration
      1. Site collection configuration and security
      2. Setup of project site provisioning settings
    4. Project Online Configuration
      1. Resource Pool and Project Online security groups.
      2. Development of up to 5 custom Project Center views in Project Online.
      3. Development of up to 2 custom Project Detail Pages in Project Online.
      4. Development of up to 15 custom fields.
      5. Configuration of up to 2 reports in the Business Intelligence Center, using the out-of-the-box Office Data Connection (.odc) files. The reports will be defined during the planning phase of this project. Existing out of box reports will be available in addition to these custom reports.
      6. Configuration of a custom SharePoint Project Workspace Template. This template will include standard SharePoint Web parts and configuration options found within the Site Settings options in SharePoint. It will not include any custom .NET code, custom Web parts, or custom themes.


Approx. 2 to 4 weeks
$15 to $30k investment

Report Pack Included!



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