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What Will Future Jobs Look Like?

If you haven’t seen the TED Conference video by Andrew McAfee — it is though-provoking.  He asks the question “What will humans do when machines flood the workforce?”.


  • In the coming future, robots and similar technology will replace humans in many jobs.
  • These changes will bring economic and social benefits. Relegating the dull, tiresome manual work to machines will free people to take on intellectual and innovative tasks.
  • However, financial disparity could worsen among society. In economies where machines proliferate, corporate profits rise while people wages fall.
  • Such polarization will have immense social impact and risks reversing the gains of the civil rights movement could be seen.
  • The “economic playbook” is clear, especially in the short run. Addressing the social fallout requires a lot more study but will necessarily involve changes in our educational system.

Education and entrepreneurship remain key.

See the video at here.

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