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Project Consults provides expert consulting, systems integration, application lifecycle management solutions (ALM), project management, and training and coaching. Our passion drives a sense of excellence, commitment, and focus throughout our company. We do consulting right. We’re open, honest, and committed to helping you succeed. When you succeed, we succeed!

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I have worked on several projects with Project Consults, including several complex, global business and technology transformations. Each of these programs quickly separated consultants that were focused on simply ‘integrating a technology’ from those that were aiming to make a strategic, repeatable, and long-term impact. I can say without hesitation that Project Consults embodies the latter quality.
They have led my customers and I to think past “how do we get this done?” to “how do we make it the best project we have ever embarked on?” They then apply this perspective across the lifecycle of a program, notably around application development process, standards, and quality (e.g., via TFS). This is an incredibly unique perspective – and one that should be modeled.
I would work with them again – any day, any time. The detailed-oriented nature, creative thinking, and unrivaled passion for making a lasting impact on whatever they touch has made Project Consults invaluable to any project.